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Bulldozer gesucht!

Die Anti-Eviction-Campaign verurteilt die öffentliche Ausschreibung der Kapstädter Stadtregierung, in der nach Unternehmen gesucht wird, die die Zerstörung von Informellen Siedlungen vornehmen.

Cape Town AntiWar Coalition and Anti-Eviction Campaign condemn City Council mercenary eviction squads

Cape Town Anti War Coalition 24. Oktober 2007 17:07

The Anti-Eviction campaign strongly condemns the call for tenders by the City Council for contracts to demolish informal settlements. Apparently successful contractors have to be available 24 hours 7 days a week to perform evictions and demolitions of informal settlements. Evictions, in the middle of the night, any day of the week, potentially even on Christmas day and other holidays, are set to become the norm. This is worse than the apartheid state. According to the tender meeting held today (24 Oct 2007), squads must be a minimum size of 10 and contractors were warned not to ‚under-tender‘ – in other words the City Council is set to spend millions on demolishing informal settlments instead of using these funds to build houses for the people.

Communities are still waiting for the City Council plan for 200 informal settlements to receive housing. Now it is clear that no such plan exists; rather what does face communities in informal settlements is the prospect of being thrown out onto the street. These mercenary squads are soon to operate across the entire Cape Metropole. (mehr…)